Rangeland Productivity - Central Coast Rangeland Coalition Fall 2018 Meeting

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This is the twice-a-year meeting of the Central Coast Rangeland Coalition. The goal of this meeting is to improve participant understanding of alternate methods of cattle management and corollary effects on forage productivity and soil health.


Thursday, October 18, 2018
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Swanton Pacific Ranch
Lunch will be provided

COST: $35.00
Payable by check to Elkhorn Slough Foundation
Payable by credit card (online)


Instructor Information

Philip Brownsey
Consulting Rangeland Ecologist
Environmental Science Associates

Dr. Chelsea Carey
Senior Soil Ecologist
Point Blue Conservation Science

Dr. Marc Horney
Associate Professor
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Animal Science Department

Genevieve Landucci
Soil Scientist
Natural Resources Conservation Service

Dr. Toby O'Geen
Professor & Soil Resource Specialist in Cooperative Extension
Dept. of Land, Air and Water Resources, UC Davis


Grant Lyon



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Visit beautiful Swanton Pacific Ranch where ranchers Gordon Claasen and Becca Pulcrano work with Cal Poly students and staff to monitor and research planned grazing regimes to maintain biological diversity and increase grassland production, while teaching about and demonstrating sustainable rangeland management. The program will build off of rancher perspectives, rangeland monitoring, and science to help to direct 'next steps' with improving understanding of different approaches of grazing systems that improve soil health and rangeland productivity.



Improve participant understanding of alternate methods of cattle management and corollary effects on forage productivity and soil health.



  •  Participants improve their understanding of 
  1. The holistic management approach at Swanton Pacific Ranch
  2. How rangeland management can affect livestock productivity
  3. Challenges and solutions to monitoring rangeland soil health 
  • Participants enjoy hearing diverse perspectives
  • Participants enjoy experiencing a new place


Meeting Format

This workshop will consist of indoor lectures and a panel discussion in the morning and an afternoon field session including three learning stations involving different aspects of rangelands. The lecture site and field sites are all located at Swanton Pacific Ranch. There will also be small group discussions interspersed throughout the day to give participants an opportunity to share their expertise and learn from the diverse experiences of other meeting participants.


Registration Information

Please note - your registration will not be final until we receive and acknowledge payment of $35. You can pay online at the link provided after you register, or you can mail a check made out to Elkhorn Slough Foundation addressed to Coastal Training Program, c/o ESF, 1700 Elkhorn Road, Watsonville, CA 95076.


Please register only yourself - no third party registration is allowed, as this frequently causes problems. Registration deadline is October 4, 2018, 5 p.m. If you cancel, we can refund payment minus $10 processing fee before that deadline, but cannot refund anything if you cancel after that date. We reserve the right to cancel this workshop before October 5, in which case we will provide full refund. If you sign up, please show up - repeated failure to provide timely notification of inability to attend can jeopardize future registration opportunities.

Documents and Publications

Contact List
We encourage participants to download the contact list to assist with arranging a rideshare or to get in contact with someone you met at the workshop. Those interested in sharing a ride to the event are marked on the contact list.

CCRC Fall 2018 Agenda
PDF, 102KB
Grey Hayes
Central Coast Rangeland Coalition
September 2018
A global meta-analysis of grazing impacts on soil health indicators
PDF, 1.9MB
Byrnes, R. C., Eastburn, D. J., Tate, K. W., Roche, L. M.
Journal of Environmental Quality, 47:758-765
April 2018
Annual Range Forage Production
PDF, 968KB
University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources
ANR Publication 8018: 1-12
Aplication of herbivore optimization theory to rangelands of the western United States
PDF, 560KB
Bartolome, J.W.
Ecological Applications, 3(1): 27-29
Multi-paddock grazing on rangelands: why the perceptual dichotomy between research results and rancher experience?
PDF, 890KB
Teague, R., Provenza, F., Kreuter, U., Steffens, T., & Barnes, M.
Journal of Environmental Management, 128: 699-717
Origin, persistence, and resolution of the rotational grazing debate: integrating human dimensions into rangeland research
PDF, 127KB
Briske, D. D., Sayre, N. F., Huntsinger, L., Fernandez-Gimenez, M., Budd, B., & Derner, J.
Rangeland Ecology & Management, 64(4): 325-334
Rotational grazing on rangelands: Reconciliation of perception and experimental evidence
PDF, 415KB
Briske, D. D., Derner, J. D., Brown, J. R., Fublendor, S. D., Teague, W. R., Havstad, K. M., Gillen, R. L., Ash, A. J., Willms, W. D.
Rangeland Ecology & Management, 61(1): 3-17


Annual Range Forage Production Map

Swanton Pacific Ranch

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