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Central Coast Fire Learning Network


In 2008, wild fires on California's Central Coast consumed thousands of acres and affected many, many lives. While responses to the fires were largely positive and productive, there are many lessons to be learned and much information to share to improve responses in the future. And so, conservation groups are joining with fire safety organizations through the Central Coast Fire Learning Network in order to improve fire safety while conserving biological diversity. The Elkhorn Slough Coastal Training Program and the University of California at Santa Cruz’ Arboretum are partnering in this endeavor to organize and facilitate the group, which meets monthly to hear presentations, review information, and share experiences.  For information and to sign up for news about the group, please email Brett Hall at the Arboretum: brett’at’ucsc.edu

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Training Programs

Central Coast Fire Learning Network Steering Committee Meeting

Documents and Publications

Fire Safety and the Environment: Audience Needs Assessment
DOC, 1.3MB
Jul 07 09
Dr. Grey Hayes
Elkhorn Slough Coastal Training Program
Spring 2009
This is an educational needs assessment on fire and the environment distributed to 1800 individuals and organizations on California's Central Coast in Spring 2009. We received 234 responses, and this report is a summary of our findings.
Presentation: Evolution and Distribution of Archostaphylos.
PDF, 598KB
Jun 30 05
T. Parker
Elkhorn Slough Coastal Training Program Workshop
Presentation: Fire and maritime chaparral in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.
Jun 30 05
D. Odion & C. Tyler
Elkhorn Slough Coastal Training Program Workshop
Are long fire-free periods needed to maintain the endangered, fire-recruiting shrub Arctostaphylos morroensis(Ericaceae)?
PDF, 259KB
Jun 30 05
Odion, D. and C. Tyler
Conservation Ecology, 6(2):4
Canopy Fuel Treatment Standards for the Wildland-Urban Interface
Feb 24 09
Joe H. Scott
USDA Forest Service Proceedings (RMRS-P-29), 29-38
Fire History in Coast Redwood Stands in the Northeastern Santa Cruz Mountains, California
PDF, 977KB
Feb 24 09
Scott L. Stephens and Danny L. Fry
Fire Ecology 1(1):2-19
Landscape-Level Strategies for Forest Fuel Management
PDF, 399KB
Feb 24 09
C. Phillip Weatherspoon and Carl N. Skinner
Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project: Final report to Congress, Vol 2., Chapter 56, 1471-1492
Maritime chaparral community transition in the absence of fire.
PDF, 248KB
Jun 30 05
Van Dyke, E., K. D. Holl, and J. R. Griffin
Madrono 48:221-229
Performance of Fuel Treatments Subjected to Wildfires
PDF, 467KB
Feb 24 09
Erik J. Martinson and Philip N. Omi
USDA Forest Service Proceedings (RMRS-P-29), 7-14
Use of a Deterministic Fire Growth Model to Test Fuel Treatments
PDF, 764KB
Feb 24 09
Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project: Final report to Congress, vol. II, chapter 43, 1155-1165
This is chapter 43 in the Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project: Final report to Congress, vol. II, Assessments and scientific basis for management options. Davis: University of California, Centers for Water and Wildland Resources, 1996
Educational Opportunities about Fire Safety and the Environment: Audience Needs Assessment
PDF, 344KB
Jul 13 09
Grey Hayes, PhD
Elkhorn Slough Coastal Training Program
Spring 2009
This document summarizes attitudes and educational needs from a range of audiences on wildfire effects on human safety and environmental health. The data is used to help design Coastal Training Program events.
Monterey County Draft Community Wildfire Protection Plan
PDF, 6.4MB
Feb 23 09
Dudeck and Monterey County Fire Safe Council
Elkhorn Slough Coastal Training Program
January 2009
National FCAMMS Smoke Dispersion Forecast Guidance
PDF, 704KB
Jul 22 09
A Partnership Between the Desert Research Institute and the USFS AirFire Team
July 15, 2009
Introduces a valuable model that forecasts the movement of smoke from wild or prescribed fires.
Sensitive plant species associated with maritime chaparral in California
DOC, 138KB
Jun 30 05
Elkhorn Slough Coastal Training Program
Maritime Chaparral Workshop
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Fire Management Program Wildland-Urban Interface Cooperative Agreement
PDF, 223KB
Jan 08 09
County of Santa Cruz and US Fish and Wildlife
June 24, 2008


An example of biological conservation/fire safety partnerships on the Central Coast
Jan 08 09
Santa Cruz County Planning Department - 2008 Fire Response and Preparation Website
Feb 26 09
Santa Cruz County RCD: Fire Do's and Don't's
Feb 26 09
The 'other' network: The Nature Conservancy's Fire Learning Network
Feb 26 09
Fire Safe Council Website
Feb 26 09
California Chaparral Institute Website
Feb 26 09
California Fire Alliance Website
Feb 26 09
Santa Cruz County FAQ on Clearing for Defensible Space
Mar 06 09
CDF CalFire Defensible Space Guidelines
Mar 07 09
Fire Safe California Grants Clearinghouse Website
Jul 22 09